Lawson Wood

Lawson Wood, Circumstantial Evidence
Lawson Wood, Circumstantial Evidence

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"Lawson Wood, sometimes Clarence Lawson Wood, (23 August 1878 – 26 October 1957), was an English painter, illustrator and designer known for humorous depictions of cavemen and dinosaurs, policemen, and animals, especially a chimpanzee called Gran'pop, whose annuals circulated around the world. Wood was decorated by the French for his gallantry at Vimy Ridge during World War I. He was deeply concerned with animal welfare and was awarded membership in the Royal Zoological Society in 1934. His animal designs were reproduced as wooden toys and he established a sanctuary for aged creatures. In his later years, he was a recluse and died in Devon in 1957."


We have a number of his Gran'pop illustrations in our Children's and Nursery section, along with some others by him.