Biography of Thomas Case

Thomas Case
Thomas Case

Not really a biography, of course; just a few snippets of what seems to have been quite a full life.  


He lived in troubled religious times during the English Civil War, but even so, he managed to engage in one conflict or another during his life.  As a minister in Norfolk and Manchester he was prosecuted for contempt of church ceremonies; he was ejected by Parliament from a rectory in Milk Street, London (which later burned down in the Great Fire of London); and he was imprisoned in the Tower of London for being part of a plot to restore Charles II. Having obtained a position as chaplain to the King on his restoration, he was ejected for nonconformity, presumably for objecting to the Act of Conformity 1662.


When he died in 1682, he was the last of the surviving dissenting members of the Westminster Assembly. (Thank you, Wikipedia)


As I say, a busy life. And this is just a very small steel engraving of him from a print "prefixed to the Farewell Sermons of the Ejected Ministers".

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