I wrote a post here about the wise men of Gotham, but it seems to have disappeared (my fault, no doubt). So here it is again - roughly.

The story is that Prince John (remember him? long time ago - King Richard, Robin Hood and all that) wanted to visit - or at least pass through - Gotham, which is a village in Nottinghamshire. The good folk of Gotham thought, "Ooh, don't fancy that. All that mess and kerfuffle to greet a king." Or words to that effect. Anyhoo, they decided to pretend they were all idiots - the picture shows them rowing a boat in the sand - and, sure enough, King John said "Coo, they're all nuts, I'm not going there, let's build a bypass". So the moral is that sometimes you have to be a fool to be wise.

Actually, that probably isn't the moral, but it rounds off the story. And now I'm going to copy this wording and paste it somewhere safe in case it disappears again.

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