Latin lessons

I've been looking at the Latin names of birds to make identification of these German prints a little easier.  I started off with a pleased smile to discover that a wren is a "troglodyte". I then moved into snigger territory with "turdus philomelos" (sounds much nicer when you say "songthrush") and discovered that "anthoscopus pendulinus" is a "penduline tit"  (definitely into Carry On territory now). Stop it at once, Jill.


I am glad we have simpler names at our disposal - saying "acrocephalus arundinaceus" instead of reed warbler would get wearing. Not that I have much occasion to say "reed warbler", I'm not a Countryfile presenter, but still ...


Can't stop myself now: I've just found "coenonympha hero" and "satyrus arethusa" amongst the butterflies.


 See Birds and Butterflies

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