A critique of royal dress

Henrietta Anne, Duchess of Orleans
Henrietta Anne, Duchess of Orleans

This portrait of Princess Henrietta Maria, daughter of Charles I and wife of the dauphin of France, the Duc d'Orleans, was "engraved exclusively for the Court Magazine". 


This early 19th century magazine gave fashion critiques on many historical royal personages and about 40 of them are appearing gradually on our website. The critiques could be quite scathing, but this one seems to have met with approval - "how beautifully has the Stuart Princess arranged her fair tresses ...".


"Her robe is pale green brocade, open in the skirt, showing a white satin petticoat trimmed with gold lace ... a bouffon tucker of white satin, trimmed with narrow white blonde, is held in full folds round the bosom, with brooches of coloured gems ..."


As I recall, she came to a rather sticky end, with accusations of poisoning being bandied about. Mind you, I got this from "Versailles", so I can't comment on the veracity. 


If you're interested in this or any other, I'll attach the critiques to the back of the print, where they exist.

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