Lophonocerus barbicornis

I just want you to know how self-sacrificing I am being, bringing the glories of 19th century beetles to you. 


They are original steel engravings from 1884 (tick), with the original hand colouring (tick) and beautiful mounting (... er ...), but when you get down to it they're still beetles - and I don't like beetles.


This one's not too bad, actually; it's a Priorus Corticinus and a Lophonocerus barbicornis in case you were asking. 


The small one is described as being "rather depressed" (aren't we all?), while the larger one is notable for having tufts of hair on the intermediate joints of the antennae (well I never).


Don't look for it in my shop yet - I'm working up to it gradually, as I have 30 of these beauties to do.  They'll have their own page in due course.



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