A guide to (amateur) theatre
24. February 2021
Characters in amdram and the people who play them.

Illustrators and artists · 11. February 2021
Fawlty Towers, anyone?

Valentine's Day
30. January 2021
Some romantic prints.

Added this week ...
Added this week · 19. January 2021
Love the idea of a beetle named after Hercules! 30 beetles printed and hand coloured in 1884.

Natural History prints · 12. January 2021
Coming soon ... a feast of beetles

Charlotte Corday
People and history · 05. January 2021
About her role in the French Revolution - and a rather disturbing musical.

The rather sad tale of Peter Pan
29. December 2020
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is very different from the Disney Peter Pan.

Added this week · 20. November 2020
Some Christmas-themed Punch prints

On fashion · 13. November 2020
What early 19th century fashion journalists thought of historical court dress.

28. October 2020
Medium to very high - what's wrong with low?

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