About our business

About our business · 25. September 2020
Back to the markets and back to the past.

About our business · 05. March 2020
We are readers, we don't break books. We just upcycle damaged pictures.

About our business · 12. July 2019
How we charge for shipping.

About our business · 06. April 2019
Some changes to the website for easier buying.

About our business · 28. December 2018
A customer's photo of one of my prints in situ.

About our business · 26. June 2018
Back to work on the website.
About our business · 01. March 2018
Hoping to be at the market despite the snow.

About our business · 18. December 2017
I'm sorry I've got so many "Sold" pictures on my website at present (although obviously I'm pleased at the sales!). I shall have a good clean-up in the new year and get some prints online. In the meantime, I wish all my customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

About our business · 06. March 2017
My favourite thing about selling (apart from the money of course!) is hearing the reasons why people buy certain pictures. For example, this print sold at the Sunday Supplement yesterday and the lady who bought it said she was one of four children and she was buying this for her sister. "I know she'll just get it", she said to me. "It's perfect." The previous week I sold a print with a monkey being hit by a snowball, which was bought for someone in Australia who likes monkeys and hates snow....

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