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Hullo, kiddies
Behind the ads · 24. March 2021
Man doing shopping in the 1920s

Behind the ads · 18. July 2018
Lovely #rowing ad, not sure about the benefits of #coffee.

Behind the ads · 18. May 2018
A bit of the history of Bovril.

Behind the ads · 23. June 2017
"the soap with a secret"

Behind the ads · 25. October 2016
There's enormous nostalgia in some of these adverts, even for someone like me who doesn't like looking back. My mother smoked Kensitas, and I remember when her silver wedding anniversary was approaching she knew I didn't have any money for a present, so gave me the Kensitas gift coupons she had been saving up and with them we "bought" a stainless steel (so much more with-it than silver in 1963) candlestick. I still have the candlestick, as it happens.

Behind the ads · 07. October 2016
Fancy a sandwich, anyone?