People and history

Charlotte Corday
People and history · 05. January 2021
About her role in the French Revolution - and a rather disturbing musical.

People and history · 29. June 2020
The Wise Men of Gotham, a little info. Charles Robinson illustrates.

People and history · 16. April 2020
A 2nd World War Punch cartoon that has meaning today.

People and history · 07. April 2020
A preacher of mixed fortunes .

People and history · 11. March 2020
Harper's Bazaar uses the introduction of the parking meter in Mayfair to show off a fashionable coat.

People and history · 16. May 2019
Early aquatint of what is now Bow Street, with a description of the felons conveyed there.

People and history · 09. March 2018
Pen and ink drawings

People and history · 16. February 2018
A little info about some late 18th-early 19th century actors.

People and history · 26. June 2017
A little about an interesting Victorian character.

People and history · 26. September 2016
A story of tragedy and bravery - and a "ferocious smoke"

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