Heinrich Rudolf Schinz and Karl Joseph Brodtmann animal prints


Karl Joseph Brodtmann (1787-1862) was an Swiss artist and lithographer who specialised in illustrating animals and birds, remaining faithful to the scientific accuracy required. Some of these animals are really extraordinary - and a number must surely no longer exist.


Most of the prints have a little foxing, but are generally in very good condition for their age. They are described in both German and French and we've made a stab at a generic term for each print. These are taken from the Natural History and Images of Mammals, by Swiss physician and naturalist Heinrich Rudolf Schinz (1777-1861), and are dated 1824.


The print size on all is 8" x 12" (203 x 305mm), cream mounted size: 12" x 16" (305 x 406mm). 

Those marked with *VM are not currently physically mounted. We have suggested a suitable colour, but we will mount in a colour to suit you (within reason!). Please use our Order/Enquire form to request this and for any other queries.

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Bushbaby, Indri, Tarsier, etc

Bushbaby, Brodtmann
No. 11254 - Plate 6b

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anteater, Brodtmann
No. 11056 - Plate 47



Civet, Brodtmann
No. 11058 - Plate 19



shrew, Brodtmann
No. 11255 - Plate 10 (VM)

Elephant shrew, etc


Badger, Brodtmann
No. 11059 - Plate 15



weasel, Brodtmann
No. 11256 - Plate 16 (VM)

Kinkajoo, weasel, etc

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Mongoose, Brodtmann
No. 11257 - Plate 18 (VM)


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hyenas, Brodtmann
No. 11258 - Plate 27 (VM)

Two hyenas

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wombat, Brodtmann
No. 11259 - Plate 38 (VM)

Wombat, koalas, etc

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lemming, Brodtmann
No. 11260 - Plate 39 (VM)

Fieldmouse, lemming and beaver, etc

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mice, rats,, Brodtmann
No. 11261 - Plate 40 (VM)

Mice, rats and hamsters

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rodents, Brodtmann
No. 11262 - Plate 41 (VM)

Rodents, 11

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Lemur,  Brodtmann
No. 11263 - Plate 43 (VM)

Coypu, lemur, chinchilla etc


guinea pig, Brodtmann
No. 11264 - Plate 46 (VM)

Agouti, guinea pig, etc

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martens,  Brodtmann
No. 11265 - Plate 17 (VM)


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The photos are not proportionately sized, so please check the measurements given. 

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Picture size is approximate, though overall mount size is pretty accurate.