1920s Prints

This is a selection of our prints from the 1920s, with specific art deco on the following page. 


Those marked with *VM are not currently physically mounted. We have suggested a suitable colour, but we will mount in a colour to suit you (within reason!). Please use our order/enquire form to request this and for any other queries.

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The Graphic
No. 11293

The Graphic

Christmas edition


Date: 1928

Picture size: 7.5" x 10.5"

Mount: 11.5" x 15", Cream

Price including shipping

No. 10827

Cumbrae Stewart

"Ballerina"; Illustration from The Graphic.


Date: 1926

Picture size: 8.75" x 11.75"

Mount: 12" x 16", Deep cream

Price including shipping

Wilmot Lunt, illustrator
No. 10323

Wilmot Lunt, illustrator

"Christian Endeavour"; done for the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News


Date: 1920

Picture size: 13" x 9"

Mount: 18" x 14",  Parchment  

Price including shipping

hookway cowles
No. 11443

Hookway Cowles, illustrator

"The Charm of the Russian Ballet"; from the Graphic Christmas edition

Date: 1927

Picture size: 8" x 10.25"

Mount: 12" x 16", Hussar blue (VM)

Price including shipping

charles robinson; pan magazine
No. 10887 Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson, illustrator

"The New Moon". Illustrated for Pan Magazine

Date: 1920

Picture size: 7.25" x 9.5"

Mount: 11" x 14", Maroon


No. 10285

Graphic, Christmas edition

A Vision of a Crinoline Christmas

Date: 1927

Picture size: 8.5" x 13"

Mount: 12" x 16", Cream

Price including shipping

John Emmet Sheridan
No. 10472

John Emmet Sheridan, illustrator

"The Foolish Virgin", magazine cover art.


Date: c1928

Picture size: 8.5" x 10.75"

Mount: 12" x 16", Dark blue


George Studdy
No. 10723

George Studdy, illustrator

The Bonzo Book plate, being the 3rd Studdy Dogs portfolio


Date: c1923

Picture size: 7" x 9.5"

Mount: 11" x 14", Parchment  

Price including shipping

Humour, Pan
No. 10817

M Wheeler, illustrator

From the Illustrated London News.  "After all, I don't think I will" - little boy thinks better of throwing a snowball.

Date: 1926

Picture size: 8" x 11"

Mount: 12" x 16", Mid blue  

Price including shipping

Lewis Baumer
No. 10602

Lewis Baumer, illustrator



Date: c1925

Picture size: 7.5" x 10"

Mount: 11" x 14", Sahara


No. 10816

The Making of the Christmas Gift

From Illustrated London News Christmas edition.  Quotes Tennyson's "The Day Dream", from the picture by Gertrude Lindsay.

Date: 1928

Picture size: 8" x 10.75"

Mount: 12" x 16", Cream

Price including shipping

Lawson Wood, Christmas
No. 10822

Lawson Wood, illustrator

"Circumstantial Evidence"; from Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News


Date: 1920

Picture size: 8.75" x 12"

Mount: 12" x 16", Light blue

Price including shipping

The photos are not proportionately sized, so please check the measurements given. 

Mount colour is as accurate as possible, but of course may show up differently on different computers.

Picture size is approximate, though overall mount size is pretty accurate. 


Any noticeable marks or creases are noted in the description.