Advertising Prints

First, a selection of general adverts - there are some specific subjects on their own pages.


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No. 11666


The Christmas Present, with harlequin. From The Bystander. Illustrated by Anne Rochester

Date: 1927

Picture size: 7.5" x 10.25"

Mount: 12 x 16", black

Price including shipping

No. 11536


"Zut" ("damn") perfume. French ad.

Date: c1948

Picture size: 8.5" x 11"

Mount: 12" x 16", maroon (VM)

Price including shipping

Dayella children's clothing
No. 11072

Dayella Buster Suits

Wartime utility wear for children

Date: 1944

Picture size: 7.25" x 10.25"

Mount: 11 x 14", v.dark green 

Price including shipping

No. 11077


Slotted blades


Date: 1937

Picture size: 7.5" x 10"

Mount: 11" x 14", pale blue

Price including shipping

Queen City Printing Ink Co
No. 10132

Queen City Printing Ink Co

Advertising poster, illustrated by A L Jansson.

Date: c1905

Picture size: 8" x 10.75"

Mount: 12" x 16", mid green 

Price including shipping

waring and gillow
No. 11456

Waring and Gillow

Garden furniture, late art nouveau. Grubby but mostly hidden behind mount 

Date: 1919

Picture size: 7.25" x 10"

Mount: 11" x 14", black (VM)

Price including shipping

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Dri-Ped ad
No. 10876, Dri-Ped


Another cheery sole, illustration by Lawson Wood


Date: c1920

Picture size: 5.25" x 8"

Mount: 10" x 12", Cream (VM)

Price including shipping

Gibbs advert
No. 10888 Gibbs

Gibbs Dentifrice

With fairies and a poem. From Pan magazine. Diagonal crease across bottom left, barely noticeable  

Date: c1920

Picture size: 7.25" x 10.5"

Mount: 12" x 16", Dark blue 

Price including shipping

Vintage advert
No. 10443

Holland & Holland

The Royal Brevis, rare

Date: 1934

Picture size: 7.25" x 11.75"

Mount: 12" x 16", Hussar blue (VM)

Price including shipping

GEC iron advert
No. 10280

GEC Superspeed iron

Before the age of steam - and when only women ironed.

Date:  1958

Picture size:  7" x 10"

Mount:  11" x 14", cream (VM)

Price including shipping

Tile Manufacturers
No. 10766

Tile Manufacturers' Association

For ceramic tiles

Date: 1956

Picture size: 7.75" x 9.75"

Mount: 11" x 14", Grey speckle 


No. 10776

Coats, J&P Clark

Clarks threads.

From The Graphic

See also our Vintage Fashion page


Date:  1927

Picture size: 8.75" x 12.75"

Mount:  12" x 6",cream  (VM) 

Price including shipping

Yardley advert
No. 10276

Bond Street, by Yardley

Perfume advertisement


Date:  1957

Picture size:  8.25" x 10"

Mount:  12" x 16", cream (VM)

Price including shipping

Vintage advert
No. 10601

Sears, Roebuck & Co

Chicago, Spring and Summer Catalogue front page, illustrated by Andrew Loomis, tipped onto black card

See also our Vintage Fashion page

Date: 1928

Picture size: 8.5" x 11.5"

Mount: 12" x 16, cream (VM) 

Price including shipping

Advertising print
No. 10429

Erasmic Soap

The Dainty Soap. Drawing by Lewis Baumer

Date: 1926

Picture size: 8.75" x 13.25"

Mount: 14" x 18", Maroon (VM)

Price including shipping

Advertising print
No. 10428

GEC Television & Radio


Date: 1952

Picture size: 8" x 11"

Mount: 12" x 16", Maroon (VM) 

Price including shipping

Horrockses; vintage fashion
No. 10273

Horrockses fabrics

Very fashionable clothes in the 1950s.  This ad is for their furnishings, with a special mention of New Zealand

Date:  1950

Picture size:  8.25" x 12"

Mount:  12" x 16", cream (VM)

For Vintage Fashion, click here

Price including shipping

flooring tiles; vintage; interior design
No. 10066

Semtex Floor Tiles

Vintage advert.

Floors to blow your mind!


Date:  1957

Picture size: 7" x 9.75"

Mount: 11" x 14", cream


Price including shipping

No. 10691


"Celanese supsedes silk".

A little grubby but not hampering the main illustration. 

See also our Vintage Fashion page

Date: 1925

Picture size: 8" x 11"

Mount: 12" x 16",Cobalt blue

Price including shipping

french ad
No. 11120

Lace and lingerie ad

A la Ville du Puy, a town famous for lace-making.

See also our Vintage Fashion page

Date: c1954

Picture size: 8.5" x 11.5"

Mount: 12" x 16", Cream 

Price including shipping

Gillette Christmas ad
No. 10261

Gillette Christmas ad

Gillette Aristocrat Razor

Date: 1936

Picture size: 7" x 10"

Mount: 11.5" x 14.75", Maroon

Price including shipping

Columbia gramophones
No. 10616

New Columbia

The 1929 Viva-tonal Columbia, American ad

Date: 1928

Picture size: 9.25" x 13.25"

Mount: 14" x 18", Rust  

Price including shipping

No. 10875, Twink


From the makers of Lux (Lever Bros)


Date: c1925

Picture size: 5" x 8"

Mount: 10" x 12", Cream (VM)


Price including shipping

Vintage advert
No. 10116

Capital Stereo Phonograph

by Capitol Records, Hollywood, from Esquire Magazine

Date: 1959

Picture size: 9.5" x 12"

Mount: 12" x 16", Dark green 

Price including shipping

Jean Colin
No. 10120

Pond's Cream

Photographed by "Cigarini", Jean Colin, actress


Date: c1925

Picture size: 7" x 9"

Mount: 11" x 13.75", dk green

Price including shipping

Vintage advert
No. 10777

Aspinall's Enamel

Reject foreign imitations

Date: 1902

Picture size: 8.75" x 12.5"

Mount: 12" x 16", dark green (VM)

Price including shipping

Botts of Nottingham, vintage
No. 10303

Boots of Nottingham

For The Illustrated London News Christmas Number


Date: 1927

Picture size: 9" x 13"

Mount: 12" x 16", Cream (VM) 

Price including shipping

Christmas cracker labels
No. 10123

Batgers Harmony Crackers

Original cracker label from the East End factory

Date: c1910

Picture size: 8.25" x 12"

Mount: 12" x 16", red

Price including shipping

Christmas crackers, Eastern
No. 10122

Batger's Eastern Crackers

Original cracker label from the East End factory, Edwardian

Date: c1910

Picture size: 8" x 9"

Mount: 12" x 14", mid blue


Price including shipping

Christmas crackers
No. 10126

Batger's Viking Crackers

Original cracker label from the East End factory (their no: 1880)

Date: c1910

Picture size: 8" x 10"

Mount: 12" x 14", cream


Price including shipping

The photos of the prints are not proportionately sized, so please check the measurements given. Picture size is approximate, though overall mount size is pretty accurate. 

Any noticeable marks or creases are noted in the description.

Mount colour is as accurate as possible, but of course may show up differently on different computers.