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Those marked with *VM are not currently physically mounted. We have suggested a suitable colour, but we will mount in a colour to suit you (within reason!). Please use our order/enquire form to request this and for any other queries.

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Humour, calendar, Punch
No. 10882 Punch calendar

Punch Calendar for 1931

"The Misletoe Gatherers"; illustration by E H Shepard


Date: 1930

Picture size: 7" x 10"

Mount: 11" x 14", Dove grey 

Price including shipping

Henry Woods
No. 10374

Henry Woods, artist

Christmas scene from The Graphic.

Horizontal crease along the centre

Date: 1881

Picture size: 14" x 17.75"

Mount: 16" x 20", Dk green


Price including shipping

No. 10619

Standard Motor Company

Wishing customers a happy Christmas

Date: 1957

Picture size: 7.75" x 10"

Mount: 11" x 14", Post box red


No. 11164

Haig whisky

From the Illustrated London News


Date: 1937

Picture size: 9" x 13"

Mount: 12" x 16", Cream

Price including shipping

Punch, Sillince
No. 10896

Sillince, illustrator

Christmas turkey


Date: 1949

Picture size: 6.75" x 8.75"

Mount: 11" x 14", Cream  (VM)

Price including shipping

Punch, E H Shepard
No. 11110

E H Shepard, illustrator

"The Parents' Treat", poem by Evoe

Date: 1927

Picture size: 6.75" x 9"

Mount: 11" x 14", Cream  (VM)

Price including shipping

Caron, French
No. 11153

Caron Perfume

French Christmas ad

 Date: c1950

Picture size: 9.5" x 12.5"

Mount: 14" x 18", Cream


Du Maurier cigarettes
No. 10305

du Maurier Cigarettes

Christmas ad for 50 or 100; from Country Life, December. V.slight crease, bottom left

Date: 1957

Picture size: 8" x 11"

Mount: 12" x 16", Red  


abdulla cigarettes
No. 10830

Abdulla Cigarettes

"Christmas Tryst". Advert from Punch magazine. A little grubby. Illustration by Arthur Wragg

Date: 1937

Picture size: 7" x 9"

Mount: 11" x 14", Mid blue


Price including shipping

Christmas; cigarettes
No. 10306

Kensitas Cigarettes

Christmas advert from John Bull magazine. Few marks towards the top right hand edge

Date: 1952

Picture size: 9.25" x 12.25"

Mount: 14" x 18", Cream (VM) 

Price including shipping

The pictures are not proportionately sized, so please check the measurements given. 

Mount colour is as accurate as possible, but of course may show up differently on different computers.


Picture size is approximate, though overall mount size is pretty accurate.  Any noticeable marks or creases are noted in the description.